Wines of Lebanon

Case Study created Wines of Lebanon and ran the the generic awareness campaign to promote wines from Lebanon to UK audiences. Working closely with the subscribing Lebanese producers we built and promoted Lebanon’s image as a wine producing country, highlighting its history and its future potential. Currently Lebanon produces around 8 million bottles of wine each year and through the Wines of Lebanon campaigns we helped to build awareness and understanding of these special wines, to put them on the map with wine buyers, sommeliers and ultimately, consumers. So successful was the campaign that we were awarded the prestigious International Wine Challenge Generic Campaign of the Year Award in 2012 for the work we have done to promote Lebanese wines within the very competitive industry.

Working with Coco PR helped us over achieve the initial target that we had set for Lebanese wines. Coco has been a true partner in taking us to whole new level of international exposure. We are looking forward to continuing this to further build on the momentum that we have achieved.

Faouzi Issa, UVL

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